Thursday, May 10, 2012

Depth and Complexity Matrix

I am obsessed with using the depth and complexity icons! Such an easy and effortless way to incorporate higher level thinking! I add a creativity component, and possibly some other critical thinking and I'm set to go! So, in my quest to make life easier, I have created a chart or grid that I refer to often. I am sharing a FREE copy of the Depth and Complexity matrix  for you to use. Sometimes I use it to plan units; other times I let the students use them to fill in. It is amazing what they notice and come up with. The latest time the students used them was when we completed field work at our state capitol.

Filling in the matrix

Inside the house chambers

A life-size statue of George Washington
Each child was equipped with a clipboard, pencil, and chart. I challenged them to find something for all parts of the grid. I wasn't sure they could fill the entire thing, but most of them did! My favorite entry was for  "change over time." Someone added that it used to be called House of Burgesses, but now is called "House of Delicates." Gotta love it! I'm just trying to imagine what that child was picturing in his mind.  :)


  1. It really does help them think deeply doesn't it. My kids drive me crazy, whenever we do any activity they say "do we need an icon for this?" :). Thanks for sharing your matrix.


  2. Thank you for sharing the matrix. I am going to try using it when planning my next unit.


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